14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely wife!

13 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - 2013

I made this "Valentine" video for Ruth for Valentine's Day 2013 --

09 February 2013

Kelly and Ruth -- Dance the Cha-Cha

Ruth and I were once again invited to be part of a floor show (along with 9 other couples) for our Church Adult Valentine Dance. This year we learned a Cha-Cha routine. The instructor taught Cha-Cha a little different from other instructors -- but it worked.

Here is what the performance looked like.

23 December 2012

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

My two younger daughters (Raquel Anderson and Raeli Anderson) played this number in Church last week. This was recorded in our front room.

18 November 2012

Enlight Ballroom Dance Fest - Mountain Crest High School - November 17, 2012

Raquel has gotten involved with a ballroom dance group called "Enlight Ballroom". The following videos are from her first competitions and team performances.

This first video is of Raquel competing in a Syllabus Competition doing the Cha-Cha.

This second video is of Raquel competing in a Syllabus Competition doing the Rumba.

This third video is of Raquel's competitive team doing a Jive.

This fourth video is of another of Raquel's competitive teams doing a Viennese Waltz.

Piano and Violin Recital Numbers - November 2012

Raquel and Raeli had a Piano and Violin Recital on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Here are recordings of their numbers. BTW, Raquel's hair is done up like that because she was also involved in a Ballroom Dance competition that day -- I will post videos of that in a little bit.

Here is a video of Raquel and Raeli playing a duet -- "On the Street Where You Live"

Here is a video of Raeli playing a violin number.

Raquel playing a medley of "Phantom of the Opera" music.

Raquel playing "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt. (The recording of her playing at the recital didn't work out -- my camera overheated, so we then went to the Church and recorded it again.)

13 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - 2012

I made this little video for Ruth for Valentine's Day 2012.